Medical Students with Disability and Chronic Illness

Medical Students with Disability and Chronic Illness unites and empowers medical students
through advocacy, mentorship, education, and community building while using our collective
power towards advancing the improvement of healthcare for the disabled community. 

We are dedicated to raising awareness of disability and chronic illness amongst healthcare trainees and
addressing the stigma associated with practicing medicine while having a disability and/or chronic illness.


What is MSDCI?

MSDCI is committed to supporting current and future medical students with disability and chronic illness, addressing the needs of the disability community and increasing disability awareness and appreciation, cultural competency, and social consciousness amongst medical practitioners. 

MSDCI Chapters represent communities based at allopathic and osteopathic medical schools across the country. Our programs are designed to support and serve medical students with disability and/or chronic illness, who are often marginalized. We are committed to increasing accessibility of medical school for dedicated trainees of all abilities. 

Programming at a Glance


MSDCI fosters connections between disability student groups at medical schools across the country and between our chapters and near-peer mentors. By developing new chapters, we broaden the reach of disability advocacy and further normalize disability in medical students and trainees.


Our programming is heavily focused on bringing disability awareness into medical communities. MSDCI provides shared resources and strategies for effective advocacy and seeks to illuminate the intersectional role of the disability community in social justice efforts.


We believe that disability education is essential for addressing bias against disabled providers and advancing health equity for patients with disabilities. Through curricular recommendations, clinical skills projects, and examinations of technical standards at our institutions, we seek to improve medical education for patients and providers alike.


MSDCI is dedicated to improving accessibility for students and trainees with disabilities or chronic illnesses. We are creating resource guides with tips and tricks to help navigate the medical journey and documents to guide accessibility changes at medical institutions.

What's happening now?

Letter to the Liaison Committee on Medical Education

MSDCI has written a letter to the Liaison Committee on Medical Education, the accrediting body for allopathic medical schools, advocating for disability training as a requirement for accreditation. We are currently seeking endorsements and support for the letter. The letter is accompanied by a petition collecting supporting signatures from health students and faculty. 

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